Aycan Store Vendor Neutral Archiving

1. Autorouting


With aycan store’s versatile auto-routing engine, incoming study images can automatically be forwarded to destinations on your network. It is configurable based on the content of DICOM tags down to the image level. Routing rules can even be scheduled for specific times of the day or even days of the week for custom overnight or specialty reading.

2. Prior studies automatically transferred


When a new study arrives, the PACS can search its archive of studies and automatically send prior studies along with the newly arrived study.

3. Virtual archives


Make optimal use of your hardware by segmenting your server using virtual archives.  This allows you to keep data from different groups separate on one server.

4. Reduce study allocation time


Reduce time and confusion by managing which radiologist diagnoses what. Using Virtual Archives you can assign cases to specific radiologists.  Their Q/R window will show only what they need to read.

5. Flexible Access Management


aycan store offers a Query/Retrieve filter which can provide a way to allow DICOM Query/Retrieve capability for specific users, without giving full access to your archive.  This is ideal for creating departmental or site views of the archive.  It has also been used as a way to limit the view for 3rd party radiologists providing vacation coverage.

6. Save time with PIR


Don’t spend time looking for misspelled patient names within the PACS system. Keep your data consistent and current within the RIS and PACS system by IHE scenario using aycan store’s Patient Information Reconciliation (PIR) function. Necessary changes to patient data within the RIS are automatically taken over by the PACS system.

7. Migrate legacy media before it is lost


Do you still have DICOM data on old optical, MO, or other legacy magnetic media? Consider migrating that data to a PACS server before they become unreadable.

8. Transfer more data faster


Use you storage space and network bandwidth efficiently by storing and transferring your DICOM data with lossless compression. Should one of the devices you use not be able to handle compressed data, aycan store will automatically switch to an ‘uncompressed” mode and transfer the data without compression. With lossless compression you will be able to archive double the amount of image data without having to upgrade your hardware.

9. Easily correct patient data


In the case of erroneous patient data such as a typo, the Metadata-Editor allows you to correct the error in the PACS system.  Changes can then easily be sent to update diagnostic workstations.

10. DICOM Modality Worklist


Does your RIS or HIS not support DICOM Modality Worklist? aycan store’s Modality Worklist module can fill the gap to eliminate patient detail typos. Your RIS, HIS, or even patient scheduling system can feed data direct to aycan store which will provide your modalities with auto-populated patient demographics.

11. Automatic DICOM header modification


Need to have certain DICOM tag values copied to other tags? Need to prefix a site code for specific sending sites? Want CD imports to have a special identifier? aycan store can automatically modify DICOM metadata on arrival based on a rule-set.

12. Certified Read-Only Archiving


Do you need to guarantee that your data has not changed?  aycan store has certified WORM (write once, read many) storage options.